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Streamline Telecom Case Study

The case study below demonstrates how RMC helped a data cabling contractor in a very competitive area establish an online presence to begin building authority and generating traffic.


Streamline Telecom LogoStreamline Telecom is a network and data cabling contractor that has been in business in New York City for over 10 years. They do security camera installation, set up IP phone systems and audio visual equipment, and install access control systems, among other things. They have worked at some of the most iconic landmarks in the New York area, including Times Square, Newark Airport, and the Yahoo headquarters building.

The Problem

Prior to working with RMC, Streamline Telecom had worked primarily as a subcontractor for other general contractors. They were very much in demand and had a great reputation with general contractors, but because they didn’t really have an online presence to speak of, they were having a hard time getting work as a primary contractor (which is much more profitable). They needed their own marketing materials, content, and an online presence so that they could grow their own client base.

The Solution

Streamline Marketing KitRedpoint Marketing Consultants began by interviewing Streamline Telecom’s clients to determine their true value proposition and gather testimonials (testimonials are very important in any niche, but are absolutely vital in B2B marketing). Based on the feedback from the client interviews, it became evident that what people valued most about Streamline Telecom was their professionalism, especially compared to other contractors who more or less operated out of the back of a van and couldn’t be counted on to show up on time or complete work on schedule.

With that in mind, RMC set about creating content that reinforced the professionalism of the Streamline Telecom brand, including staff bios, FAQs, articles, and case studies. This content was assembled in a marketing kit and also used in the development of a website with a modern, responsive design.

In addition to the website, directory listings and social media profiles were set up for Streamline Telecom to help expand their online presence. Regular posting on social media profiles was started to help distribute content like images and blog posts. Lastly, an email newsletter sent out to current and former clients now helps the company stay top-of-mind to increase the potential for referrals.

Going forward, there is now a plan in place for search engine optimization to help drive traffic and leads to the website. Other marketing initiatives in the works include a print newsletter for the business and more videos. Thanks to RMC, Streamline Telecom can now focus on what they do best while their online presence is maintained and expanded by the experts.

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