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Reputation Marketing

It’s no secret that online reviews of a product or service play an important role in a person’s buying decision.

In fact, polls have shown that 93% of consumers check online reviews of a business before shopping or dining at least some of the time, and 72% of consumers trust those reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.

Reputation Marketing

Because of that, maintaining a good online reputation is probably one of the most important and effective marketing tactics available for a local business.

There are literally dozens of possible places where customers can leave reviews about a local business. Google and Facebook are certainly two of the most popular, but there’s also industry-specific sites like Angie’s List for contractors, Zillow for Realtors, and for doctors.

How the heck is a busy local business owner not only supposed to monitor all the possible sites where someone could leave a review, but also get their best customers to actually go to those sites and leave a positive rating?

The answer is to sign up for a reputation marketing service, and Redpoint Marketing Consultants has partnered with the best reputation marketing company in the industry to provide a comprehensive plan that is affordable for even the smallest of small businesses.  Watch the video testimonial below from one of our clients to hear how much the service has helped him:

Our service not only helps intercept negative reviews before they get posted online, it also makes it much easier for your best customers to leave you positive reviews in the places where they will benefit you the most. Here’s what our plan includes:

1. Landing page for collecting customer reviews with a custom URL (click here to see an example)

  • Set-up and customization of landing page with company logo and social media links (optional)
  • Set-up and customization of review funnel (what sites users are directed to after clicking a star rating, feedback form settings, etc)
  • Code to embed review landing page or “review us” button on your website
  • Ability to attach coupons and offers to landing page to drive more reviews

Reputation Marketing

2. Design of “review us” business cards to hand to customers

  • Custom design to match front side of your current business cards
  • Printing and delivery of cards available for an additional fee

Reputation Marketing

3.“Review us” email drip campaign

  • Set-up and customization of one or more emails automatically sent to customers after they are added to the tool
  • Ability to send emails at specified intervals (one day, three days, etc)
  • Link to form you or your staff can use to add customers to the drip campaign

4. Feedback notification

  • Get notified by email when customers leave less-than-positive feedback via the form on the landing page

5. Review monitoring

  • Monitor all top review sites for new positive or negative reviews about your business
  • Get notified by email when new reviews are detected

6. Review Widget

  • Get a code to automatically display latest reviews on your website collected from around the web
  • Filter so that only reviews with a specified star rating are displayed in the widget

7. Ongoing support and assistance using the service

  • Changing of featured review site when you want to get more reviews on a different site (i.e., Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc)
  • Editing or revising email drip campaign
  • Availability to answer questions and provide guidance and tips so that you can get the most from the system
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