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How to Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Friendly

In this day and age, when a large amount of people are accessing the internet using mobile devices, it’s more important than ever that your website be “mobile friendly”.  What does this mean?  Well, for one thing, it means that people shouldn’t have to “pinch and squeeze” your website to zoom in when viewing it on a mobile phone.  They should be able to use their thumb to quickly and easily navigate to the important pages of your website, and find your contact information (especially your phone number).  The good news is that it’s easier than ever to make your website mobile-friendly if you are using the popular WordPress software to run your website.  Keep reading to learn how to make your wordpress site mobile friendly.

Responsive Design

Many WordPress themes use what’s called a “responsive design”.  This means that   regardless of the type of device your website is being used on, it will display correctly.  Due to the variety of internet-compatible devices these days–desktops, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, etc–this is the best route to take to make your website mobile friendly.  You can learn more about responsive WordPress themes here.

Mobile Plugins

Another option to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly is to use a mobile plugin.  This is software that you can easily install on your site that will detect if someone is browsing your website using a mobile device, and display the site differently if they are.  There are many popular mobile plugins for WordPress, but the one I use is called WPtouch.  It is very simple to use, and allows you to designate any page of your site as the “home page” of your mobile site.  So, you can create a special page with a simple design and use that as your mobile home page.

Strategy Comes First

Of course, regardless of what method you use to make your website mobile-friendly, you need to have a strategy first.  What is your objective with your mobile website?  Do you need to have different calls to action than what is displayed on your regular website?  For example, when people view your site on a desktop  or laptop, maybe you want them to fill out a contact form, but on a mobile phone it might be easier for them to click a phone number and call you.  For ideas about how to create a mobile strategy for your website, check out these ten tips about mobile website design.

Learn Video Marketing

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that your mobile website strategy is integrated with your overall marketing objectives for your business.  For that, just complete a free Signature Brand Audit on our website and we’ll help you review your marketing strategy and apply some of the principles we teach to improve your results.

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