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Does your small business marketing feel like a game of darts?

Back in April, I had the opportunity to have a booth at the local small business development center’s annual expo.  At my booth, I created an interactive “small business marketing game” that business owners could play when they walked up to the booth.  It was basically a game of darts, except instead of getting points […]

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There are no more secrets

I was recently in a consultation with a small business owner–a local florist–and we were discussing how creating educational content for her business would help generate leads and customers.  As those of you familiar with the marketing hourglass concept know, producing high quality educational content is a key part of a successful marketing strategy.  In […]

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Who’s Your Ideal Customer?

Having a good marketing strategy is an important part of any businesses’ success, and one of the key parts of a marketing strategy is having a very good idea of who your ideal customer is.  Once you know your ideal customer, you can craft a marketing message that resonates with them. This week I ran […]

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Get More From Your Sponsorships

This week, I taught a small business marketing workshop for my local chamber of commerce, and in addition to the chamber it was sponsored by several local businesses.  In return for helping promote and finance the event, the sponsors got their name and logo displayed on all promotional materials, and they were also allowed to […]

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Where Empathy Takes Your Marketing Presentation

Today is guest post day on the Redpoint Marketing Consultants Blog.  Today’s article is written by Toke Kruse from Slideshop.com. Enjoy! What does it take to be an exceptional marketing presenter? You might assert it’s a matter of the marketer’s in-depth knowledge of the topic. Some maintain it’s the marketer’s style and confidence. Others consider […]

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How to Set Marketing Goals For Your Small Business

Learning how to set marketing goals for your small business is a very important part of your marketing plan.  Coming up with big ideas is great, but if you can’t actually get things done, nothing will change….and setting goals is always the first step in getting things done. But what exactly is a goal, anyway?  […]

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Your Customers Want to Hear From You

I recently had a small business owner in my group coaching program who was resistant to the idea of email marketing.  She’s from a small, tight-knit community and knows many of her customers personally, and she was afraid that she would damage those relationships by sending emails “pestering” those people to “buy her stuff”.  This […]

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Business email address

How to Choose Your Business Email Address

As a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, I teach small business owners how to market their businesses in a way that’s simple, affordable, and practical.  There’s probably nothing more simple, affordable, and practical than choosing a good email address to use for your business, but I see small business owners botching this task all the time.  […]

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