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Tom Corson-Knowles Discusses How to Grow Your Business by Writing Books

My most recent guest on the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast was Tom Corson-Knowles, the founder of TCK Publishing and ebookpublishingschool.com.  One of the things he specializes in is helping business owners write and publish books so that they can position themselves as a trusted authority in their niche. As you know if you’re been […]

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LinkedIn Tips from Liam Austin

It’s always been surprising to me how few local business owners are on LinkedIn.  With the exception of  salespeople, financial professionals, legal professionals, and medical professionals, in most cases local business owners either don’t have a LinkedIn profile at all, or are barely doing anything with it. Perhaps this is because they perceive LinkedIn as […]

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Supercharging Your Referral Marketing and Customer Retention Programs with Printed Newsletters

One of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies around is also one of the least sexy and most underutilized.  That’s the message shared by Shaun Buck, the CEO of The Newsletter Pro, on the most recent episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast. The strategy Shaun is speaking about is customer retention–i.e., increasing […]

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Radio Advertising Tips From Paul VanWagoner at ESPN Blacksburg

In today’s world of smartphones, Facebook, and mobile apps, digital marketing is all the rage.  While maintaining a robust online presence is certainly important for any small business, for certain types of businesses “old school” marketing tactics can still work quite well if used correctly. One such traditional marketing tactic is radio advertising, and in […]

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How to Optimize Your Google My Business Page and Become the Top-Rated Provider in Your Area

If you’re one of the many local business owners who is frustrated or confused about what’s going on with your Google My Business page (which used to be your Google+ page, which used to be Google places, which is kinda sorta the same thing as your Google Maps listing but not really…), I feel your […]

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The Benefits of Hosting a Small Business Event

The following is a guest post written by Matthew Long from Gigcentric.Com.  Enjoy! Many small business owners assume that events are only for companies with a big budget. After all, pulling off an event takes time, money, and careful planning. However, any size business can hold an event that is sure to increase visibility and […]

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Budweiser America Beer May be Stupidest Marketing Idea Ever

This week, in what may be one of the stupidest marketing ideas in history, Budweiser announced that it was renaming its flagship beer “America” for the summer of 2016.  Cans of the beer will have the iconic Budweiser label replaced with one that simply reads “America”. Apparently the Belgian-owned company believed that this would help […]

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What is Contact Marketing?

In today’s episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute show, I teach you about “contact marketing”, which is a term coined by Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke, who recently wrote a book called How to Get a Meeting With Anyone.  Contact marketing is all about connecting with someone who could transform your business.  This […]

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Are You Acting As If?

One of the most powerful principles you can use to help your business become more successful is the principle known as “Act As If”.  This principle simply states that the best way to become what you want to be someday (or what you want your business to be like someday) is to start acting as […]

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How a Good Logo Affects Sales

Note: The following is a guest blog post contributed by blogger Brian Jens. Why do people easily recognize a certain brand and even trust it? A high-quality logo is always remembered for a long time for its bright colors, originality and attractiveness. Let’s take Coca-Cola. It is available since 1886, and it’s one of the […]

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