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B2B Lead Generation with Email Marketing

When it comes to selling products and services to businesses rather than consumers, sometimes different lead generation tactics are required.  One B2B lead generation tactic that is often poorly implemented is cold emailing–i.e., sending emails to people who have never heard of you and don’t know, like, or trust your brand or company.  This tactic is definitely not for everyone, and if not done in just the right way it can actually damage your brand and your reputation.

Luckily, Alex Berman, my guest on this week’s episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute show, is something of an expert in this area.  In my interview with him he shares the exact formula that he’s used to generate millions of dollars in sales for his clients using cold emailing as a lead generation tactic.  Here’s some of the questions I asked Alex in the interview:

  • How do you determine who to send an email to?
  • What should your email say?
  • What kind of response should you expect from a well-executed email campaign?
  • Who should use this tactic?

Use the player below to listen to the interview to hear Alex’s answers, and then visit his website at InspireBeats.com to learn more about his services.