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Are You Acting As If?

One of the most powerful principles you can use to help your business become more successful is the principle known as “Act As If”.  This principle simply states that the best way to become what you want to be someday (or what you want your business to be like someday) is to start acting as if you already have achieved your goal.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you lie or deceive people.  I’m simply saying that if you start operating your business in a manner similar to how a highly successful business in your industry operates, people will begin to treat you as if you are highly successful.  It will be easier to make them know, like, and trust your business, and that’s really what marketing is all about.

In this week’s episode of my podcast, I give you a few examples of very low-cost ways that your business can start “acting as if”.  I also share a case study involving how I helped transform one of my client’s businesses using this principle.  Use the player below to listen to the episode for some great ideas about how to use this powerful principle.