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YouTube Now Lets Users Add Three Second Intro to Videos

YouTube announced on April 30th that it will now allow users to add three-second intros to their videos on YouTube to help brand their business.  I think this is great news and I’m very excited to start using the new feature.  The question is, what should you put in your intro?  Should you only have one intro or multiple intros?

Obviously it will depend on what your objectives are, but I think the following rule of thumb will serve most businesses well:

  • Create one three-second intro with your logo, brand colors, and possibly a tagline along with a little intro music.  The theme of the intro should match the look of your YouTube channel image.
  • Create additional intros as necessary if you are doing specific types of videos, and plan to do those videos on an ongoing basis.  For example, if you’re doing a video blog like I am, you can have a specific intro for that vs your “regular” videos.

YouTube will allow you to decide what videos get the intro, and which intro to choose from, so you can still choose not to have an intro applied to certain videos if you want.

I think this is a great time and money-saving feature, especially for people who don’t edit their videos in-house.  Now, you won’t need to hire a video editor every time you want to have a professional-looking intro applied to your videos.  Just head over to Fiverr.com and find a video editor to do your intro, and then use it over an over again.  Personally, I recommend this guy–I’ve used him in the past and he does good work.

Of course, you still need to come up with content for the actual videos and learn how to make them…so for that, head over to my Video Marketing 101 course and get started for free.