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YouTube launches creator studio

If you’re a regular YouTube user and you’ve logged in to your account recently, chances are you noticed that when you clicked on your profile in the upper right-hand corner of your browser there is now a button that appears that says “creator studio”.

When you click on it, it takes you to a new dashboard where you can access your video manager, channel features, analytics, and a slew of other features.  There’s also a “tips” section with links to articles, how-to videos, and lots of other educational content located in the creator hub.

Inside the creator hub is the creator academy, which has complete multi-lesson courses you can take to learn everything from the basics of setting up a new YouTube channel and getting more viewers,   to how to monetize your videos with ads.

I have to admit, the first time I saw all the content in the creator hub there was a bit of overwhelm.  I quickly realized that if I tried to read, watch, and learn everything then I would end up learning nothing.  Instead, I decided to pick one area to focus on that most closely aligned with my goals, and begin there.  In my case, this means starting with the “grow your audience” course, a 10-lesson course which is the featured program for July 2014.

The first lesson in that course is about titles and thumbnails, which you can watch below:

What are your video marketing goals?  Whatever they are, there is something in the creator hub that will help you achieve them.  Of  course, you can also sign up for my Video Marketing 101 course to learn how to produce, edit and distribute high-quality videos to promote your business.  I’ll even help you produce and edit your first video if you’d like, so sign up now for free to access the first lesson.