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Your business is not entitled to new customers

In every community, there are a few businesses that have been around so long and have become such a part of the fabric of the town that people just take it for granted that they’ll always be there.

In some cases, the business is also taking it for granted…and in those cases, that business is in big trouble.

I recently came across one example of this in my home town.  An independent grocery store, which for many years has ignored developing trends in the grocery industry while trying to get by on its reputation from past “glory days” when it was a big-time player in the regional grocery business, is now in danger of closing due to lack of customers.  A misguided and ill-advised effort by some members of the community to prop up the store by working in the business as volunteers (this is a for-profit business, mind you) is unlikely to save it.

Listen to Episode 230 of my podcast using the player below to learn why it’s dangerous for any business, old or new, to have the mindset that it is entitled to exist.

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