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Win a Free Press Release For Your Business

The theme this week on the Small Business Marketing Minute show is Public Relations–or, put another way, the art of “getting your name in the paper” (or your business name, as the case may be).

In honor of that theme, I’m holding a contest this week and giving away a free press release to the winner ($200 value).  The press release is being provided by a service called Press Advantage, a press release distribution service for small business owners.  In tomorrow’s episode of the Marketing Minute show, my guest Colton Dale will tell you all about that service and how it can help with your marketing and PR efforts.  Colton was generous enough to offer the following to the winner of this week’s contest:

  • Copywriting and editing of a press release about your business, covering whatever topic you want
  • Optimizing of the press release for Google and other search engines
  • Distribution of the press release to 200 media outlets
  • A free consultation to help you determine how best to use press releases to help with marketing your business

Press releases are a great way to drive traffic to your site, and let the world know about something special going on in your business.  If you’re lucky, a journalist might even use your press release in a story about your business.  When I launched my video podcast, a press release I issued about that was picked up by the local newspaper and printed word for word.

How to win

To enter the contest and win the free press release, all you have to do is complete some of the simple tasks listed on the entry form below.  Each task has a point value assigned to it.  The tasks include things like:

  • Submitting a question you’d like me to answer on the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast (10 points per question)
  • Telling me a marketing success story about your business that I can share with podcast viewers (10 points)
  • Provide constructive feedback about how I can improve the podcast (10 points)
  • Watching a video about Press Advantage (10 points)
  • Sharing the contest using social media (5 points for each one of your friends who enters the contest)
  • Tweeting about the Marketing Minute show (once per day–5 points per tweet)

Some tasks can only be completed once, while others can be completed once per day.  That means that the sooner you enter the contest, the more possible points you can get.  The winner will be the person with the most points at the deadline, which is Friday, August 29th at midnight U.S. Eastern time.  The winner will be announced on next Monday’s episode of the podcast.


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