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Why You Should Have a Professionally Designed Logo for Your Business

For many small, local businesses–especially new businesses–spending a few hundred dollars to get a logo professionally designed for their company seems like an unnecessary expense.  While some marketing professionals might disagree with me, I not only believe it is worth the money, I believe that it is very necessary and perhaps even critical to the success of a business–especially for a new business.  Why?  Because everybody wants to hire the best person or company for the job, and the best person or company is usually going to have a professionally designed logo.

A business’s logo is probably going to be one of the first things that someone sees when they first learn about your company.  Whether they run across your website after doing an online search, see a print ad for your business in the local newspaper, or see a sign on the side of the road as they are driving by your location, they will see your logo first.  If you don’t have a logo, they will also immediately notice that.  Although most people probably wouldn’t be able to articulate it, if you showed them business cards from two competing businesses, one of which had a logo and one of which just had the name of the business spelled out in text, and asked them which business seemed more professional, chances are they would say that it was the one with the logo.

In the latest episode of my podcast, I give three reasons why a local business should spend the time and money to get a professionally designed logo to represent their brand.  I also explain the process I use when I run a logo design competition for my clients.  You can listen to the episode using the player below, or click here to see a poll that I am currently running as part of a logo design competition for an actual client.  Feel free to participate in the poll and weigh in on your favorite designs.