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Why Volunteering for a Local Nonprofit is a Great Marketing Strategy

Last year, I started volunteering for the local chapter of a national organization called Heroes on the Water, which takes veterans and first responders and their families on free kayak fishing trips.

Helping out that organization has reminded me of something that I already knew–getting involved in the leadership of local nonprofit organizations is a great way to get access to people with a lot of influence in your local community.

In Episode 225 of my podcast, I talk about what I’ve been doing with Heroes on the Water, give you some tips about how to think strategically about supporting local nonprofits so you can get the most marketing benefit from it, and give some suggestions about groups you could get involved with if you want to give it a try.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn by listening to the episode:

  • How to decide which nonprofit organization to get involved with in order to get the most marketing benefit from your time
  • The three things you must do to if you want your business to benefit from your association with a nonprofit
  • A few suggestions about national non-profit organizations with local chapters that you might want to get involved with
  • Why you should consider serving on the leadership team or board of local nonprofit organizations

Use the embedded player below to listen to the episode.

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