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Small Business Marketing

Who We Serve

As we often tell our clients, the recipe for success in business is to narrowly define who your ideal customer is and then serve that customer extremely well, rather than attempting to be everything to everyone.

Our ideal clients are local service-based small businesses who can answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions:

  • Do you ever feel like you have to compete based on price due to the fact that there’s not much else that distinguishes your business from your competitors?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re moving from one marketing tactic to the next without any strategy that ties them all together?
  • Do you find it difficult or even impossible to track the return on investment from the money you spend on marketing and advertising?
  • Do you have trouble generating enough leads for your business, and/or converting those leads into clients or customers?
  • When you examine all of the elements of your business’s online presence, including your website, search engine optimization efforts, social media profiles, directory listings, online advertising campaigns, and email marketing, do you find some of those elements lacking or even non-existent?

Examples of local service-based businesses include home services businesses (construction, lawn care, home security, etc.), independent professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, realtors, etc.), personal services (florists, salons, pet grooming, etc.) and local professional services businesses (janitorial services, security, IT services, printers, etc.).

We have extensive experience working with these types of businesses, and the set of tactics and strategies we employ are very successful when used by these businesses.

Who We Don’t Serve

Focusing on local service-based businesses means that we can’t be everything to everyone.  Here are some types of businesses that we are not in a good position to serve:

  • Local retail-only businesses with no service component (clothing stores, independent book stores, convenience stores, etc.)
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment businesses (movie theaters, bowling alleys, etc.)
  • E-commerce businesses (businesses who only sell products or services on-line with no physical interaction with customers)
  • Non-profit organizations (churches, charities, etc.)
  • Businesses based around a personal brand (authors, speakers, musicians, etc.)
  • Businesses marketing to a national or worldwide audience (software, technology, etc.)
  • Politically charged businesses (gun stores, abortion clinics, etc.)
  • Startups or people with a business idea
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