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Having a robust, keyword-optimized, mobile-friendly website that professionally represents your business, educates your prospective customers, and generates and converts leads is essential to the success of any small business. 

Unfortunately, few local small businesses have such a website. This is even more true in smaller communities like Christiansburg, where–thanks to less competition–many small businesses have, until this point, managed to get by without a good website.  The time when this was a viable option is coming to an end.

If you don’t think your website is doing everything for you that it could–or if you don’t even have a website–we are here to help.

We design customized websites for small, local businesses–both in the Christiansburg area and around the country–using the popular WordPress content management system.  Our website design services go well beyond simply slapping your logo and colors on the home page of a template.  Instead, your website will be a true, custom design that is unique to your business.

Very knowledgeable and thorough. My website is working the way it should thanks to Redpoint Marketing Consultants.

Ken Barry

Ida Supply

Websites we design are 100% mobile responsive and are built based on specifications published by Google for search engine optimization best practices. Unlike many small business websites, they’re also designed to generate and covert leads, not just look pretty.

Unlike other website design agencies that simply give you the login credentials to your website and then disappear once it is published, we’ll be there to maintain, update, and support your website on an ongoing basis so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Our Website Design Portfolio

Click on the logos below to see live examples of websites we have designed for our clients.

Ben Johson CPA Logo
JDO Pools & Spas
Cooke Lavendar Massey Logo
Little River Outdoor School
Moore Piano
Blackstone Family Dentistry Logo
Advanced Acne Institute Logo
Dynamark Security Logo

Our Website Design Philosophy

At Redpoint Marketing Consultants, we believe that a website is by far a businesses’ most powerful and important marketing tool.  With that belief in mind, we have some very strong opinions about what should go into a good website design and how the process should work.


Good website design starts with a good marketing strategy

In order for your website to generate business for your company, you must have a solid marketing strategy in place before starting the design process.

That means that you must have a clear definition of the ideal customer you are trying to reach and have a good unique selling proposition that differentiates you from your competition.

If neither of those things are true, we can help you go through a process to create a killer marketing strategy before starting your website design.  If you really don’t want to spend any time working on your strategy, then you’re probably better off either working with another agency or going with our low-budget website package.

Successful websites are a result of a team effort by qualified professionals

Like custom-built homes, great websites require the expertise of many types of professionals, including programmers, copywriters, graphic designers, and SEO (search engine optimization) professionals.  These professionals must be managed by someone who has a very good understanding of small business marketing, as well as extensive knowledge about the specific business the website is being designed for.

This is why websites built by graphic designers who started offering “website design” as an add-on service to make a couple extra bucks usually don’t do very well.  It’s not that these people aren’t good at what they do, its just that they are trying to do jobs they really don’t have the training and qualification to do.  Unfortunately, in small towns like Christiansburg, this is exactly they type of provider that many business turn to for help with their websites.

It’s also why websites published by a business using “DIY” tools like Squarespace or Wix don’t do very well.  Except in very rare circumstances, there is usually nobody in a business who has all of the marketing and technical expertise that must go into a successful website design.

You wouldn’t try hiring one guy working out of the back of his truck to build your business’s physical office or retail space, and you certainly wouldn’t try building it yourself.  Why would you take that approach to your website?

Good websites aren’t built overnight

You may have heard commercials or seen advertisements from big-box website companies talking about how their DIY website builders will allow your business to have a website online within 24 hours–or some equally ludicrous time frame. 

Given everything we’ve just said above about good websites–how they require a killer marketing strategy, how they require a team of professionals with different types of expertise, etc.–what kind of quality do you think those quickie websites will have when published?

What type of results do you think those websites are going to produce?

The truth is that just like building a dream home, good website design takes time and careful planning.  You should allow a minimum of two months for your custom website to be built–and that’s assuming you already have a marketing strategy in place. 

If you get a quote from a Christiansburg website design agency, or an agency located in another state or offshore that promises anything faster than that, then run–don’t walk–in the opposite direction. 

If our philosophy about what goes into a great small business website design resonates with you, and if you like the websites in our portfolio, then schedule an intro call with us today so we can learn more about your project and see if we are a good fit.

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