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Video Marketing Training Course Now Available

My new video marketing training course is now available!  After over two months of hard work producing content, setting up the membership website, and taking a few “beta-testers” through the course, I am now making it available to the general public.  So, what exactly is this training course, and why should you take a look at it?  I could tell you, and if you keep reading I will, but since this is a video marketing training course, I think it would be much more effective just to show you.

video marketing training course

Now, for those of you who are still reading, I ask you this:  which do you think is more effective at informing people about the benefits of my new training program, and making them want to learn more—the video you just watched, or this blog post?

The fact of the matter is that video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to a business.  It can be used to educate customers or potential customers about a product or service, tell them about why you’re different, teach them how to do something, or, as is the case here, promote educational content.

I could write an entire book filled with statistics about how video marketing can help your business, but in the interest of saving a little time and space, I’ll just throw out a few of the more eye-opening stats I’ve come across:

  • YouTube has 4 billion views per day and is the #2 search engine on the internet
  • Video results have appeared in over 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google
  • More  than 60% of consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video about a product they plan to purchase
  • Shoppers who viewed video about a product were 174% more likely to purchase than those who did not
  • Videos can increase landing page conversion by up to 80%

Hopefully I’m starting to convince you that video marketing is important and at least something you should take a look at.

So, how will my new training program help you learn video marketing?

In four content-packed lessons, I will teach you how to produce, edit, and distribute high-quality videos to promote your business.  I’ll teach you what equipment you need, show you how to set up your own mini-studio to record videos (all for under $1,000, and even under $500 if you’re really on a tight budget), and how to use professional video editing software to make your videos look really good.  Then I’ll show you how to set up a YouTube channel, show you some tricks for getting more people to watch your videos, and tell you how to get them to complete your calls to action.

Here’s just two of the many videos that make up the course.  The first one takes you on a virtual tour of my home video studio, and the second shows you how to add links to your website to a YouTube video.

Are you ready to start the video marketing training course?  If so, you can sign up for free to access the entire first lesson.  If you still like what you see, you can purchase full access to the course for only $29.95.  Don’t let this chance to learn a very powerful way to market your business get away!