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Timberland Supply Case Study

When an outdoor power equipment retailer in Edmonton, Alberta needed to update their online presence and better coordinate their marketing efforts, they turned to Redpoint Marketing Consultants for help.  Read the case study below to find out what happened next.


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Timberland Supply has a long and storied history as a leading supplier of outdoor power equipment in Canada, going all the way back to the 1970s when they helped introduce STIHL products to the western part of the country.  However, like many local businesses who have been around a long time, in recent years they weren’t doing a great job keeping up with digital marketing trends:

  • They had a website which wasn’t mobile friendly and wasn’t frequently updated, and that wasn’t optimized well for getting traffic from internet search engines
  • They weren’t really doing much with social media
  • They didn’t have many online reviews on key platforms like Google and Facebook
  • They weren’t doing any email marketing

The owners, Dan Cavani and Grant Hipfner, realized they needed to address these issues, but they also realized they didn’t have the resources to do it in-house.  They were referred to Kevin Jordan and Redpoint Marketing Consultants, and quickly realized that their simple, affordable, and practical approach to small business marketing was just what they needed.

Project Details

The project that Redpoint Marketing Consultants implemented for Timberland Supply had three phases: strategy development, content development, and ongoing marketing services.


In the strategy portion of the project, RMC helped Timberland Supply come up with powerful ways to differentiate themselves from their competition, including:

RMC also helped Timberland come up with some strong calls-to-action to capture leads from their website, including offering visitors the chance to enter to win free equipment by providing their contact info.

Content Development

In the second phase of the project, RMC developed and published a new website for Timberland Supply that used a responsive design, strong calls-to-action, and–most importantly–content that supported the new marketing strategy.

The website was designed in such a way that it could be easily updated with seasonal promotions and special offers throughout the year.  It also included a blog, which would help expand the online footprint of the website over time and bring in more traffic from search engines.

Last but certainly not least, the content development phase also included setting up a reputation marketing system for Timberland Supply to help them get more 5-star reviews from their customers.

Ongoing Marketing Services

After the new website was published, the final phase of the project began.  Because marketing is not simply an event that happens once but something that must be done constantly, this phase never ends.  It includes elements such as:

  • A monthly email newsletter and promotional email blasts sent out to a list of over 1,000 current and former customers
  • Periodic direct mail postcard campaigns sent out to residential neighborhoods surrounding the business promoting their equipment tune-up and repair services
  • Regular posts to the company Facebook page
  • Email reminders sent to customers encouraging them to leave a review of the business
  • Updates to the website every month including new blog posts and banners promoting seasonal specials


As of the posting of this case study, Timberland Supply has been a client of RMC for several years.  During that time, they have experienced the following return on investments from the program they implemented:

  • An increase of over 230% in the number of 5-star online reviews for the business, making them the #1-rated outdoor power equipment retailer in Edmonton
  • An increase in website traffic of over 100%, along with increases in other key metrics like average time on site, pages viewed per visit, etc.
  • Top rankings in search results for competitive keywords related to the products they sell
  • Most importantly, they have seen an increase in revenue for the business of over 25%

The results of RMC’s work speak for themselves and my business benefits from it on a daily basis. I would recommend their work to any business owner who wants to increase profits through a professional and coordinated approach.

Dan Cavani Timberland Supply

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