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Telling Your Business Story with Chris Risse

In my most recent episode of the Small Business Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Chris Risse from Mediaryte about how to create a compelling story for your business that inspires your customers and makes them loyal to your brand.

From operating his own business for the past decade, experiences working with a wide variety of clients, and a period of being a teenage online business entrepreneur, Chris has learned how diverse the small business world is and the characters that make it up.
By identifying character traits and roles played by himself and others, Chris came to understand that it takes all kinds to create a rich and vibrant business community around you to be successful. Most important of all, is he found that these roles change with time and with new people.
By understanding your character, the character of others, and the different roles we play, you can understand how to connect your story, through networking and marketing, with your audience.
Use the player below to listen to my interview with Chris, and then head over to chrisrisse.com to subscribe to his podcast and learn more about effective storytelling.

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