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Supercharging Your Referral Marketing and Customer Retention Programs with Printed Newsletters

One of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies around is also one of the least sexy and most underutilized.  That’s the message shared by Shaun Buck, the CEO of The Newsletter Pro, on the most recent episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast.

The strategy Shaun is speaking about is customer retention–i.e., increasing the average amount of time that a client or customer pays you for your services.  You see, although you might like to think that when someone becomes your customer, they will be your customer forever, deep down you know that’s not true.  By making a conscious effort to increase the value of your customers by forming a close relationship with them, you will make it possible to spend more money to acquire a new customer.

Not only that, but you’ll get more referrals from your customers if they feel a strong connection and affinity for your brand.

In my interview with Shaun, we talk about why customer retention is such an important marketing strategy, and why so many business owners aren’t paying more attention to it.  We also talk about how Shaun has used the tactic of print newsletters very successfully to increase customer retention both for his own business and for the clients of The Newsletter Pro.

I guarantee that if you listen to the interview, by the end of it you’ll be fired up about starting a printed newsletter for your business (or hiring Shaun to do it all for you).

Use the player below to listen to the interview.

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