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Small Business Marketing

Small Budget Packages

For businesses on a tight budget, it can be tough to find low-cost marketing tactics that actually get results. That’s why we’ve put together ten packages specifically designed for businesses with small marketing budgets.

Each of the packages listed below starts at under $500 a month, and is designed to actually help make your phone ring.

Any of the packages can be used by itself or in conjunction with other tactics. Contact us for more information or to get started with any of the packages listed.

1: The “Top Rated Provider” Package (starting at $150 per month)

  • Goal: To help you become the top-rated provider in your area, and to help you appear in the Goggle “3-pack” for more searches.
  • Includes: Reputation Marketing, Directory Listings, Google My Business set-up.

Right now, most local business are not paying close attention to their online reputation. In many cases, with just a little bit of effort, you can become the #1-rated company that does what you do in your town.

You can then brand yourself as “top-rated” in any marketing or advertising that you do, and believe it or not, people will actually buy from you simply because of that fact. This package will help you become top-rated in your area, thus increasing your conversion rate across all marketing channels.

2: The “Instant Online Presence” Package (starting at $175 per month)

  • Goal: establish a baseline online presence very quickly for a new business
  • Includes: Unbounce lead capture landing page, Reputation Marketing, Directory Listings, Google My Business set-up

For a new business that doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a new website or the technical expertise to properly set up and optimize a drag-and-drop template website, this is your package. We will help you quickly establish a professional presence online so you can start driving traffic and leads to a website while you grow your business.

3: The “Constant Communicator” Package (starting at $175 per month)

  • Goal: To ensure that no matter how busy you get, your customers get communication from you on a regular basis and are informed about special offers, events, etc.
  • Includes: Email marketing (monthly or biweekly newsletter) and social media posting

The amount of money left on the table by businesses that fail to market to their existing customer base is nothing short of tragic. It is almost always cheaper to get more business from someone who already knows, likes, and trusts you than it is to acquire a new customer, and if you don’t have much money to spend on marketing, that’s where you should start. This package is just about guaranteed to help you get more business from your current customers, as well as more referrals.

4: The “Postcard Pro” Package (starting at $150 per month)

  • Goal: To generate more business from existing and previous customers
  • Includes: Design and mailing of a postcard campaign to current & former customer list each month (printing and postage not included)

As with the previous package, this one is designed to help you get more business from your current and former customers, although it could also be used to target new customers. We will design, print, and mail one postcard per month to a list you provide (or, if you don’t have a list, one that we purchase for you). We’ll help you decide what offer to promote on the postcard, and will even help you track the results.

5: The “Newsletter Ninja” Package (starting at $175 per month)

  • Goal: To increase customer retention and brand loyalty, nurture prospects, and add value to strategic partners
  • Includes: Content, layout, design, and mailing of a custom newsletter for your business to current customers, strategic partners, and prospects

Mailing out print newsletters every month is an excellent way for your business to stand out in a noisy marketplace. Nobody does it anymore, so chances are that your newsletter will be the only one your customers get in the mail.

In addition to customers, you can send the newsletter to vendors, community leaders, and other business owners who might be able to send you referrals. We’ll make sure that your newsletter is full of fun, entertaining content that people actually want to read so that they’ll begin to like and trust your brand. Before long, they’ll start to think of you as the only company in your niche that they’d ever want to do business with.

6: The “Video Pro” Package (starting at $500)

  • Goal: To produce professional video content that can be used on your website and social media platforms
  • Includes: Production of any number of FAQ-style videos, editing of videos, uploading to YouTube, setup of YouTube channel, and optimization of videos.

It’s no secret that video content gets better results on social media than other types of content. Unfortunately, many local businesses don’t have any video content because they don’t have the technical expertise to produce it, and can’t afford the $1,000 per minute price tag of corporate video production.

If that describes you, then this is your package. We’ll produce 5 videos that answer your customers most frequently asked questions and put them on a company YouTube channel that we set up for you.

7: The “Facebook Ad Blitz” Package (starting at $350 per month)

  • Goal: to create and manage an ad campaign targeting current and former customers with ads encouraging repeat business
  • Includes: set-up and management of a Facebook ad campaign (does not include cost of clicks)

Facebook offers a number of very effective ways to target your ideal customers. The only problem is that actually navigating Facebook’s somewhat confusing advertising platform can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing. Most Facebook advertising experts who do know what they’re doing won’t even work with a business that has an advertising budget of less than $1,000 a month. Luck your you, we have a soft spot for the little guys.

8: The “Authority” Package (starting at $125 per month)

  • Goal: create content that helps you begin to position yourself as an authority in your niche
  • Includes: Writing and posting 1-4 blog posts per month, planned so that after 12 months, you have a completed book you can use for lead generation

The term “Thought Leader” is being thrown around a lot these days, and for good reason. Business owners who are considered to be “thought leaders” in their niche make more money. What better way for you to become a thought leader than writing a book? This package will make it happen.

9: The “Mobile Master” Package (starting at $399 per year)

  • Goal: set up a mobile app for your business to help you get more referrals from strategic partners and more engagement from current customers
  • Includes: set-up of CardTapp mobile app

Smartphone usage is skyrocketing, and businesses who aren’t doing anything to reach consumers on their mobile devices will soon be left in the dust by competitors. This package will help ensure that you’re the one leaving your competitors in the dust. We’ll set up a mobile app for your business that will help you improve your customer service and get more referrals.

10: The “Website Peace of Mind” Package (starting at $150 per month)

  • Goal: Give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your website is being maintained by someone with technical expertise to make sure it runs properly
  • Includes: website hosting, backup, technical support, software updates, Google search console set-up and monitoring for any issues, Google Analytics installation

If you have an existing website that uses the WordPress CMS that nobody in your company has the time or technical expertise to properly maintain, this is your package. You’ll never have to worry again about whether or not your website is updated and properly functioning. This will free up your staff’s time to do what they do best–serve your customers and help grow your business.

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