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Small Business Marketing
Richard Chapo

Richard Chapo Discusses Legal Issues Related to Small Business Marketing

Richard ChapoWhen it comes to the law, ignorance is not bliss.  It is a business owner’s responsibility to know and obey the pertinent laws, but with everything local small business owners have on their plate, the law is often the last thing they are thinking about.

My guest for Episode 217 of my podcast, Richard Chapo, is a respected lawyer from California who specializes in internet law.  In my interview with him, we discussed many legal issues that local small business owners need to be aware of, especially as it pertains to their marketing. Among other things, we talked about the following subjects:

  • What can a business owner do if a competitor is violating your trademark in their online advertising?
  • What content (images, text, etc.) can you legally use on your website?
  • How can you make sure that you are the legal owner of important online assets, like your domain name?
  • Does the Americans With Disabilities Act apply to your website?
  • Where can local business owners get affordable legal advice?

A word of warning–if you listen to the full interview, you will probably learn about at least one area where you are potentially legally vulnerable.   However, it’s better to learn about it now, when it’s not too late to take action to correct the problem.

Listen to the interview using the player below, and then head over to SoCalInternetLawyer.com to learn more about Richard and how he might be able to help you resolve some of the issues we bring up in the episode.

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