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Our Process

In order to ensure that we only work with clients who are a good fit for our services, we have a simple three-step process that all prospective clients must complete before working with us, which is described below.

If you just have some general questions about our services, you can schedule a 10-minute phone call or fill out the contact form on our website to get in touch.

Step 1: Complete a Marketing Checkup

If what you read on this website resonates with you and you think a Duct Tape Marketing System might be a good fit for your business, the next step for you is to complete a free Marketing Checkup. This is simply a questionnaire that gives us information about your business, your competition, your goals, and your current marketing situation.

Step 2: Free Consultation

After you fill out and submit the questionnaire, we will contact you to schedule a consultation to review the checkup.  During the consultation, we will provide you with the following:

  • An analysis of your business’s online presence including directory listings, online reputation, keyword ranking report, and website scorecard.
  • A competitive analysis of your top three competitors, as named by you in the questionnaire, including an analysis of their online presence, unique selling proposition, and strategy.
  • Written recommendations for each of the seven steps of the Duct Tape Marketing system that you can implement with or without our help.

Although this consultation is completely free of charge, it has significant value in terms of the information you will get.  The purpose of the consultation is to give you a chance to see what it would be like to work with us, and also give us a chance to see what it would be like to work with you.

Unlike the “free consultation” provided by many professionals, this is not a sales presentation.  In fact, we won’t even try to sell you anything in this meeting.  It’s simply about giving you good, quality information and advice.  Don’t just take our word for it–read the following testimonials from business owners who have completed this consultation about the value they got from it:

Thank you so much for your time Kevin. You really opened my eyes to help me piece my vision together and give me insight on how my online presents needs to reflect that vision. Great tools to follow in your book and look forward to diving in even more. I left your office feeling so empowered!!

Moe McClanahan Moe McClanahan Coaching

Kevin thoroughly prepared for our consultation. He provided a lot of new information for me to consider.

Nichole Williams Empower Leadership

Step 3: Proposal Meeting

At the end of your Marketing Checkup consultation, if it seems like our services would be a good fit for your needs, we will offer to submit a proposal.  The proposal will include the specific scope of work we will perform, various pricing options, the results you can expect, and the timeline for completing the work.  We will review this proposal with you in detail in a second meeting so that any questions you have will be fully answered.  You’ll also have the opportunity to request changes to the proposal during this meeting.

Once this meeting ends, it’s time to get to work.  As soon as you accept the proposal, we’ll dive right in and start helping you get the results our clients expect and deserve.


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