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LinkedIn Tips from Liam Austin

It’s always been surprising to me how few local business owners are on LinkedIn.  With the exception of  salespeople, financial professionals, legal professionals, and medical professionals, in most cases local business owners either don’t have a LinkedIn profile at all, or are barely doing anything with it.

Perhaps this is because they perceive LinkedIn as a platform for people looking for a job, or they just don’t understand what it’s for.  In any event, they are making a big mistake.  When used correctly, LinkedIn can be a very useful tool for finding and connecting with strategic partners.  It can also be a great compliment for in-person networking done at the local level (think chamber of commerce events, BNI meetings, etc.).

In this week’s episode of my podcast, I interview Liam Austin from Entrepreneur HQ about how local business owners can use LinkedIn effectively.  By listening to our interview, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to use some of the advanced search features of LinkedIn
  • What to say when you send a request to connect to someone on LinkedIn
  • What NOT to do when using LinkedIn for online networking

We also discuss Liam’s upcoming Video Success Summit, which is a free online event that will teach you everything you need to know about video marketing.  He’s assembled a very impressive lineup of speakers and instructors for the event, including yours truly.  I’ll be teaching a 1-hr session about video marketing for local business owners.  Be sure to register for the event so you can get the complete lineup and schedule.

Use the player below to listen to my interview with Liam.


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