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Jim Palmer Discusses Decision-Making Skills for Entrepreneurs

Small business owners make important decisions just about every day, and in many cases those decisions have important ramifications for the future of their business and even their life.  Sometimes the pressure of making so many important decisions can be paralyzing and frightening.

In his new book Decide, Jim Palmer, a successful business coach and the creator of Dream Business Academy, lays out a step-by-step process for making some of the most important decisions any entrepreneur will face.  Specifically, among other things he addresses:

  • Deciding to be authentic
  • Deciding to delegate
  • Deciding not to be perfect
  • Deciding to “take out your head trash”
  • Deciding to be profitable

I interviewed Jim on my podcast to hear more about how he helps entrepreneurs develop good decision-making skills and build successful businesses.  Use the player below to listen to my interview with Jim, and learn more about him at the following links:

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