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Jeffery Shaw

Developing the Secret Language of Your Ideal Customers with Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey ShawAs longtime listeners to my podcast know, the first step in the Duct Tape Marketing system is creating a marketing strategy for your business, and the first step in that process is identifying your ideal customer.

My guest for Episode 226 of the podcast, Jeffrey Shaw, has developed a 5-step process for helping business owners learn to speak the secret language of their ideal customers so that you can attract more of them.

Jeffrey is a former portrait photographer who has become a nationally acclaimed speaker and business coach, and his new book Lingo is all about how discover your customer’s secret language and incorporate it into your marketing message.

In my interview with Jeffrey, we go through that process in detail and give some examples of how it applies to local business owners. The five steps in the process are:

  1. Know the perspective of your ideal customer.
  2. Create familiarity with your ideal customer.
  3. Present your business in the style of your ideal customer.
  4. Attract your ideal customer with price.
  5. Speak to your ideal customer with the words you choose.

Listen to the interview using the player below to learn all about how to use this 5-step process to improve everything from your website to your sales process, and then visit the following links to get the free resources Jeffrey put together for the listeners of this podcast:

  • Get a free chapter of the book and learn more about Jeffrey’s coaching business here.
  • Click here to buy Lingo on Amazon.

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