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Todd Davis

Gold Star Referral Clubs with Todd Davis

Todd DavisOne of the most cost-effective ways for a new business to grow very quickly is networking and referral marketing, and that’s why I am such a big fan of local referral-based networking groups.  In the past, I’ve had guests on the podcast from BNI and independent groups. My guest for Episode 219 of the show has another great option for local networking.

His name is Todd Davis, and he’s the co-founder of Gold Star Referral Clubs, which is one of the largest local networking organizations in the country.  They have over 100 local chapters which meet weekly in communities across the United States.

In my interview with Todd, we talk about what makes Gold Star Clubs different from other local networking organizations, why it is so effective, and what people who are thinking about starting their own club should consider.

We also talk about some exciting franchise opportunities with Gold Star Clubs that are just opening up.

Use the player below to listen to the episode.

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