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About Duct Tape Marketing

Kevin Jordan, the principle consultant at RMC, is a Master Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. Below is a complete explanation of what that means, why it matters, and how Kevin’s clients benefit from his affiliation with one of the top small business marketing brands in the industry.

The Duct Tape Marketing Story

The Duct Tape Marketing System was born out of John Jantsch’s initial failure to serve the small business clients that were drawn to his agency over ten years ago.

Shortly after departing college, he went to work for a large advertising agency. It only took him about five years in this job to realize he had to own his own business.

At first, he went to work serving the marketing project needs of very large corporations, but he found that he was always much   more  interested in working with small business owners.

However, he found it very difficult to help small business owners using the traditional advertising agency model. Small business owners simply couldn’t afford to spend marketing dollars on image advertising, creative briefs, and research teams to form their marketing strategies.

He found the missing ingredient to his puzzle in Michael Gerber’s brilliant small business book titled the E-Myth Revisited. Through the E-Myth, Gerber was one of the first to introduce the idea of a replicable small business system.

While John had found that small business owners had little trouble grasping systems for things like accounting and shipping, no one was talking about marketing as a system.

It became painfully clear to him that the only way to effectively deliver simple, effective, and affordable marketing results for small business owners was through the development and application of a proven set of marketing principles and strategies.

This system had to be duplicatable; produce predictable results; and come with a fixed, almost product-like, price tag.

The Duct Tape Marketing System is the outcome of over 20 years of work in the real-world, small business marketing laboratory.

John’s passion to help small business owners continues unabated, as he continues to do so every day. He derives considerable joy from knowing that thousands of small business owners have now succeeded in growing a business the ‘Duct Tape Marketing way’, with his help and with the help of his Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Consultants.

The Benefits of Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing helps you focus on your Ideal Client.

There is always a market out there that’s just waiting for someone to service it. Not only are they waiting, they are willing to pay a premium to be serviced by someone who operates just like you. They value what you have to offer, they enjoy your relationship approach to customer service, and they readily refer their friends and colleagues as a token of their appreciation. Sound like fairy-tale land? When you intentionally choose a market with a specific need or problem and then show them why you deserve their trust, it’s not only possible – it’s inevitable.

Duct Tape Marketing gets prospects to systematically call you.

By creating advertising and lead-generation promotions that allow the prospect to move gently along the ‘know, like, and trust’ path at their own pace, Duct Tape marketers entice fully-qualified prospects to contact them.

Duct Tape Marketing has the ease of an orchestrated system. By working in the confines of a system, creating fixed steps, documenting and duplicating each step, the Duct Tape Marketer is able to quickly build the essential foundational components. The focus then moves to operating and enhancing the system. That’s where the real magic lies.

Duct Tape Marketing makes your staff more effective and efficient.

Your staff will thank you for including them in the marketing process and giving them tools to become immediately successful in their jobs. The payoff in terms of effectiveness and efficiency is sometimes stunning.

Duct Tape Marketing permits you to charge a premium for your products and services.

When you become the obvious choice for a service, product, or market, your customers are not only willing to pay a premium – they expect to do so. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that the greatest challenge can sometimes be charging enough to align with the perceived value!

Duct Tape Marketing allows you to create predictable sales forecasts.

Because of the systematic approach to lead generation and lead conversion at the core of the Duct Tape Marketing System, business owners can create and test successful promotions and expect predictable results when they increase the scale of such promotions.

Duct Tape Marketing makes your business more valuable.

Nothing makes a business more attractive to a potential buyer than documented systems and predictable marketing results. The primary constraint on most small businesses is the “rainmaking” status of the owner. The Duct Tape Marketing System presents a process to transfer that status to others. A potential buyer must feel confident that the business can operate without the current owner before any serious consideration can be given.

The Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant Program

Master Certified DTM ConsultantIn order to deliver the marketing system he created to as many small businesses as possible, John Jantsch created a network of consultants around the world who have gone through an extensive training and certification process on how to effectively help small businesses use a systematic approach to marketing.

Consultants in the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network can be certified at several levels.  The highest level of Master Certified is only awarded to consultants who have demonstrated the ability to deliver the system successfully, and who are actively engaged in helping to train other consultants.  Kevin Jordan, the principle consultant at RMC, has achieved this level of certification.

Here are some of the reasons a small business would benefit from working with a Master Certified DTM consultant:


Right now, there effectively are no universities, trade schools, or any other traditional educational institutions training people on current small business marketing strategies and tactics.

University marketing programs train people for entry-level jobs in the marketing departments of big corporations.  The skills and lessons they teach are not only next to useless when it comes to small business marketing, they can actually hurt rather than help.  Duct Tape Marketing, on the other hand, trains consultants specifically on small business marketing so that they are equipped to handle the unique needs of those businesses.

Professional Certification

Unfortunately, right now in the marketing industry there is no universally recognized code of ethics, professional standard, or certification like there is in just about any other industry (such as law, medicine, accounting, construction, aviation, car maintenance…the list goes on). The result is an industry rife with scams, snake oil salesmen, and just plain incompetent providers who lack even the most basic knowledge about marketing best practices.

There are also lots of local marketing vendors who have the best intentions, but end up offering services that they are not really qualified to offer in an effort to increase revenue.  The perfect example of this is a freelance graphic designer who starts offering their clients website deign services despite not knowing anything about search engine optimization, conversion optimization, or copywriting.

What this means for local business owners attempting to buy marketing services is that they really have no idea what kind of quality they’ll get.

Hiring a Duct Tape Marketing Master Consultant solves this problem.  Right off the bat, a business working with a DTM consultant knows they are working with a trustworthy professional with the proper knowledge and training for the work that they are performing.

Continuing Education

There is one constant in the world of small business marketing, and that is change.  This is especially true when it comes to online marketing.  Things that only months ago were considered a best practice might now be a waste of time after a Google algorithm update or Facebook policy change, or the introduction of a disruptive new tool.

If you’re getting marketing advice from someone who is not up to speed on the latest developments, you could be putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage.

Duct Tape Marketing consultants participate in several monthly training calls, as well as in-person workshops held around North America throughout the year.  We regularly hear from top experts in the industry, and get access to those experts that typical local marketing professionals can only dream about.

In addition, through our online collaboration tools, we can get advice and help from other consultants in the network at any time if we ever encounter a problem we aren’t sure how to solve or type of client that we aren’t familiar with.