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Chatbots for Small Business Marketing

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the past year, you’ve probably at least heard the term “chatbot” thrown around.  You may even have experienced a chatbot as a consumer, or perhaps even experimented with using one yourself in your business.

Right now, chatbots are something of a “hot topic” in marketing circles, but is this just a fad that will die down eventually, or is this the next major technological shift after the mobile revolution?

For this episode of the podcast, I interviewed one of the top experts on the subject, Peter Lisoskie from Chatbot Nation, an online community all about chatbots.  Peter helps companies to deploy chatbots for leads, sales, ecommerce, and customer service, and in our interview he helped me to understand and better appreciate this new technology.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with my recording equipment and it only recorded one side of the conversation.  So, I went ahead and recorded an episode about Chatbots based on my interview with Peter in which I summarize his take on where the technology is today, where it’s going, and who needs to be paying attention to it and using it (spoiler alert–it’s everybody).

Listen to the episode to find out what you as a small business owner need to know right now about chatbots so you can make an intelligent decision about whether to use them in your marketing.  Once you’ve listened to the episode, head over to Peter’s website to do a chatbot demo so you can experience this technology for yourself.

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