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Giving Back in 2016

It’s the time again when many business owners set goals and make resolutions for the coming year, and this year one of my resolutions is to start giving back through my business. By “giving back” I mean using the resources I have as a business owner to support organizations and causes that help make the […]

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Your 2016 Content Marketing Calendar

Content marketing is here to stay, and the content arms race will only intensify in 2016.  Remember the good old days when all a business needed was a tri-fold brochure and a website?  Now, every small business practically has to run their own publishing house in order to keep up with the competition when it […]

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Creating a Mission and Values Statement for Your Business

While most big businesses have some type of statement about their mission, value, and purpose that they use as a guide in their marketing efforts, not many small businesses do.  As Scott Beebe from Business on Purpose explains in my interview with him, this is a shame,  and also a lost opportunity. Scott shares several […]

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The Real Purpose of Holiday Cards

It’s the time of year that many businesses send out holiday cards to their current customer base.  I think this is a great idea, but unfortunately many business owners think that the main purpose of doing this is simply to say “happy holidays”. It’s not–and if that’s what you think, you’re missing a big marketing […]

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Developing Basic Sales Skills

It doesn’t matter how effective your advertising and marketing campaigns are, or how much money you spend on them, if you and your staff lack basic sales skills.  If your staff is not able to convert a phone call from a potential customer into an actual customer, all of the money it took to generate […]

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Creating Killer Calls to Action with Tom Schwab

Sometimes, we as small business owners are so close to our own businesses that we forget a very important fact–our prospective customers actually don’t always know what we want them to do. If they see our ads or stumble across our website and want to see if we can help them, are they supposed to […]

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What Two Murdered Reporters Have to do with Your Marketing

Last week a reporter and cameraman were murdered on live TV in Roanoke, VA.  Another woman was shot and seriously injured in the attack.  Because I was personally connected to both the Roanoke community and one of the victims, this act of pure evil really affected me deeply.  In today’s episode of the Small Business […]

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The PR Benefits of Great Customer Service

Last week I saw a story in the news about how Southwest Airlines went above and beyond what was expected when helping out a customer in a difficult situation. Many big businesses benefit from this type of publicity, but there aren’t many small businesses using this tactic.  In fact, most small businesses don’t even think […]

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Conversion Optimization with Alex Harris

My special guest for today’s podcast is Alex Harris, the founder of AlexDesigns.com and the best-selling author of Small Business Big Money Online, which is all about helping small business owners increase the conversion rate of their websites. Some of the questions I asked Alex in our interview were: What the heck is conversion optimization, anyway, […]

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The Three Types of Marketing Professionals

In today’s episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast, I talk about the three types of marketing professionals–providers, coaches, and consultants. Each type of marketing professional has advantages and disadvantages, and each one can help a business in powerful ways…however, sometimes a small business owner chooses the wrong type of marketing professional.  Also, sometimes […]

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