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Media Interview

3 Easy Tips to Get Interviewed by Trade Media

The following article was contributed by Mark Bernheimer, a former CNN correspondent (1995-2000) and the founder of MediaWorks Resource Group, an internationally renowned media training and consulting firm. The media landscape is certainly shifting and changing. And some traditional outlets are shrinking and shuttering. But the proliferation of digital media has breathed new life into […]

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Heroes on the Water Logo

RMC Supports Heroes on the Water

In 2017, after purchasing a kayak and taking up kayak fishing as a hobby, I found out about an amazing organization called Heroes on the Water, which takes veterans and first responders on free kayak fishing outings as a form of ecotherapy. Because I believe in using my talents to help others, I decided to […]

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Budweiser America Beer May be Stupidest Marketing Idea Ever

This week, in what may be one of the stupidest marketing ideas in history, Budweiser announced that it was renaming its flagship beer “America” for the summer of 2016.  Cans of the beer will have the iconic Budweiser label replaced with one that simply reads “America”. Apparently the Belgian-owned company believed that this would help […]

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Telling Your Business Story with Chris Risse

In my most recent episode of the Small Business Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Chris Risse from Mediaryte about how to create a compelling story for your business that inspires your customers and makes them loyal to your brand. From operating his own business for the past decade, experiences working with a wide variety of clients, […]

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Local Lead Generation Book Reviewed by Small Business Trends Website

Shortly after I published The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Lead Generation last summer, I submitted it to the Small Business Trends website to have them write a review of it.  Since the website is one of the most respected and popular independent small business publications on the entire internet, I thought that getting […]

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Help a Reporter Out

Today, we’re going to wrap up our week-long look at how you can use public relations in your marketing with an episode about one of my favorite PR tools. The tool is a service called “Help a Reporter Out”, or HARO for short, and you can find it at helpareporter.com. Basically, this is a service […]

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Networking With Journalists

All week long on the Marketing Minute show, I’ve been talking about public relations.  Yesterday on the show, I featured Press Advantage, a service that writes and distributes press releases for small businesses. In today’s episode, we’re going to continue with the theme of public relations, and talk about how you can network with reporters […]

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