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Heroes on the Water Logo

RMC Supports Heroes on the Water

In 2017, after purchasing a kayak and taking up kayak fishing as a hobby, I found out about an amazing organization called Heroes on the Water, which takes veterans and first responders on free kayak fishing outings as a form of ecotherapy. Because I believe in using my talents to help others, I decided to […]

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Richard Chapo

Richard Chapo Discusses Legal Issues Related to Small Business Marketing

When it comes to the law, ignorance is not bliss.  It is a business owner’s responsibility to know and obey the pertinent laws, but with everything local small business owners have on their plate, the law is often the last thing they are thinking about. My guest for Episode 217 of my podcast, Richard Chapo, […]

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SEO Infographic Shows How to Correctly Optimize Your Website

I recently came across a great SEO infographic created by Ted Chong from Ice Cube Marketing that does a great job in explaining the basics of a subject that can be very confusing for local small business owners, and I wanted to share it on my blog to help bust some myths. Search Engine Optimization […]

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Phil Singleton Discusses SEO for Growth

For local business owners, there probably isn’t any marketing subject that is more confusing and misunderstood than search engine optimization.  In fact, there is so much confusion about this subject that there are many less-than-reputable companies and even outright scammers that are taking advantage of the confusion to sell “SEO services” to local businesses that […]

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Pliney the Elder and Scarcity Marketing

What does an award-winning craft beer have to do with small business marketing?  Well, if the beer happens to be Pliney the Elder from the Russian River Brewing Company, it makes for a great case study about how to use scarcity marketing to drive up demand for your products or services. Scarcity marketing is when […]

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What to Look For in a Good Small Business Marketing Consultant

I was recently doing some research for a client when I ran across a great website called marketingzone.com.  It had a lot of educational articles about small business marketing, such as how to do market research, how to get the most from advertising, and how to hire marketing freelancers…including marketing consultants like myself. I really […]

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Business email address

How to Choose Your Business Email Address

As a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, I teach small business owners how to market their businesses in a way that’s simple, affordable, and practical.  There’s probably nothing more simple, affordable, and practical than choosing a good email address to use for your business, but I see small business owners botching this task all the time.  […]

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When it Comes to Your Small Business Website, Think Like a Retailer

As a small business marketing consultant, I see a LOT of really bad websites.  If I had to guess, I’d say that about 60% of small business websites aren’t worth the money that was paid for them.  There’s many reasons for this, but in my opinion one of the most common reasons is that websites […]

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