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video camera

Business Lessons from the World’s Top Vloggers

This article was contributed by Jennifer Ollander. General entertainment and gaming vlogger, PewDiePie, brings millions of dollars every month on his YouTube channel, while prankster David Dobrik makes almost the same amount. They may not have an MBA or experience at a top financial consultancy firm, but top YouTube creators are making big bucks and […]

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Wine Tasting

What a Wine Tasting Tour Can Teach Us About Small Business Marketing

As a marketing professional, it is sometimes very difficult for me to remember how “regular” people shop for goods and services (by “regular people” I mean those who don’t have an insider’s understanding of things like reputation marketing, SEO, etc).  However, sometimes I get the chance to study the behavior of “regular” consumers when I […]

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Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action – Thirty Marketing Tips to Jump Start Your Business

Welcome to Spring Into Action, a series of 30 simple, affordable, and practical marketing tips to jump-start your local small business this year. This month-long series provides one tip a day for thirty days, all of which are available on the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast. The episode for each tip is just a few […]

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Jeffery Shaw

Developing the Secret Language of Your Ideal Customers with Jeffrey Shaw

As longtime listeners to my podcast know, the first step in the Duct Tape Marketing system is creating a marketing strategy for your business, and the first step in that process is identifying your ideal customer. My guest for Episode 226 of the podcast, Jeffrey Shaw, has developed a 5-step process for helping business owners […]

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Why Volunteering for a Local Nonprofit is a Great Marketing Strategy

Last year, I started volunteering for the local chapter of a national organization called Heroes on the Water, which takes veterans and first responders and their families on free kayak fishing trips. Helping out that organization has reminded me of something that I already knew–getting involved in the leadership of local nonprofit organizations is a […]

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Clickable Phone Number on Website

Five Common Website Mistakes Local Businesses Should Be Cautious to Avoid

The following guest post was contributed by Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Dean Heasley As a website designer at Nashville Marketing Systems, I see many mistakes that local businesses make on their websites. There are some website mistakes that are common and very easily overlooked. These can have an enormous impact on your website’s effectiveness. Most […]

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Changes to Google Review Guidelines

Recently, in a move that really didn’t get the attention it deserved, Google changed some of their guidelines and policies related to text reviews published on Google My Business. You can read the guidelines here.  There were a few changes, but the one causing concern among small business marketing professionals was this one: “Don’t discourage […]

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Tom Polond

How to Create an Effective Marketing Message with Tom Poland

If your marketing message sounds something like “We have the best prices, best quality, and best service, so come buy our stuff”, then you need to listen to my most recent podcast episode. My guest for Episode 223 of the Small Business Marketing Minute show is Tom Poland, the bestselling author of Leadsology©: The Science […]

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What’s Broken About the Marketing Industry (and how to fix it)

The small business marketing industry, in my opinion, is broken in two very important ways. First of all, it is just about the only industry on the planet that doesn’t have any type of universally recognized certification that distinguishes qualified providers from unqualified (or at least less qualified) providers, and that also includes a code […]

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What is Lifetime Value of a Customer?

Have you ever used a term when speaking to a certain audience with the assumption that they knew what that term meant, only later to find out most of them had no clue what you were talking about? That happened to me recently when I realized that many local small business owners don’t know the […]

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