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Why You Need to Start Using Email Marketing Right Now

In a recent survey, only 26% of small businesses said they are investing in email marketing.  That’s a tragedy, because it is by far the most cost-effective marketing tactic available to those businesses. In Episode 229 of my podcast, I make a compelling case as to why email marketing is an absolute must for every […]

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How to Drop an Email Bomb On Your Prospects and Clients

Anyone in sales, especially those who sell B2B (business to business), knows how difficult it can be to get past gatekeepers, get the attention of decision makers, and in general break through all the noise that your prospects will be dealing with on a daily basis. That’s why, when I first encountered the tool that […]

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Five Simple Marketing Ideas for 2017

If you want to grow your business in 2017 but don’t have a lot of money or time to spend on marketing, you’re in luck.  In my most recent episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast, I give you five simple, affordable, and practical marketing ideas that will actually move the needle for you. […]

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Are You Making the Same Mistakes as Donald Trump?

As we make our way slowly and painfully through the 2016 presidential campaign season, a lot of attention has been paid by the media to how the top candidates are running their campaigns.  Essentially, a presidential campaign is a small business.  It has employees, it needs to generate income, and–above all–it needs to market itself.  […]

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B2B Lead Generation with Email Marketing

When it comes to selling products and services to businesses rather than consumers, sometimes different lead generation tactics are required.  One B2B lead generation tactic that is often poorly implemented is cold emailing–i.e., sending emails to people who have never heard of you and don’t know, like, or trust your brand or company.  This tactic […]

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Constant Contact Toolkit Creates A Better Email Marketing Service

Recently, the already popular small business email marketing service provider Constant Contact released a major upgrade to its service called the Constant Contact Toolkit.  This new product takes all the various small business marketing services that Constant Contact was offering, such as event marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing, and puts them in one […]

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How to Choose Your Business Email Address

As a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, I teach small business owners how to market their businesses in a way that’s simple, affordable, and practical.  There’s probably nothing more simple, affordable, and practical than choosing a good email address to use for your business, but I see small business owners botching this task all the time.  […]

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