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Small Business Marketing
Nick Usborne

How to Find and Work with Good Copywriters

Good copywriting is an important part of marketing, but it is a challenge for many local small business owners. If they themselves aren’t writers, it can sometimes be difficult for them to work effectively with writers to get their message across.  Finding good copywriters who have marketing experience and know what questions to ask a […]

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Your business is not entitled to new customers

In every community, there are a few businesses that have been around so long and have become such a part of the fabric of the town that people just take it for granted that they’ll always be there. In some cases, the business is also taking it for granted…and in those cases, that business is […]

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Why You Need to Start Using Email Marketing Right Now

In a recent survey, only 26% of small businesses said they are investing in email marketing.  That’s a tragedy, because it is by far the most cost-effective marketing tactic available to those businesses. In Episode 229 of my podcast, I make a compelling case as to why email marketing is an absolute must for every […]

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Marketing Course

Why All Business Owners Should Consider a Course in Marketing

Whether you run a large multi-national company or a part-time small business, there is a large marketing component that goes into running a business so that you can get your goods and services out there to the wider world. If you can’t get to your customers, then how are they going to engage with your […]

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Three Questions to Answer Before Allowing Your Business to “Get Political”

There have been a number of stories in the news recently about small, local businesses who have been caught up in our increasingly divisive national politics.  These businesses have either taken a public stance on a controversial topic or have taken some type of action related to such a topic, and subsequently have had their […]

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Media Interview

3 Easy Tips to Get Interviewed by Trade Media

The following article was contributed by Mark Bernheimer, a former CNN correspondent (1995-2000) and the founder of MediaWorks Resource Group, an internationally renowned media training and consulting firm. The media landscape is certainly shifting and changing. And some traditional outlets are shrinking and shuttering. But the proliferation of digital media has breathed new life into […]

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Perry Marshall

The Five Power Disqualifiers of Sales with Perry Marshall

I recently had the honor of interviewing marketing legend Perry Marshall on my podcast, the Small Business Marketing Minute.  Perry is best known as being one of first people to crack the code on Google Adwords—he literally “wrote the book” on how to properly set up and run a Google Adwords campaign (The Ultimate Guide […]

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Jeffery Shaw

Developing the Secret Language of Your Ideal Customers with Jeffrey Shaw

As longtime listeners to my podcast know, the first step in the Duct Tape Marketing system is creating a marketing strategy for your business, and the first step in that process is identifying your ideal customer. My guest for Episode 226 of the podcast, Jeffrey Shaw, has developed a 5-step process for helping business owners […]

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RMC Supports Heroes on the Water

In 2017, after purchasing a kayak and taking up kayak fishing as a hobby, I found out about an amazing organization called Heroes on the Water, which takes veterans and first responders on free kayak fishing outings as a form of ecotherapy. Because I believe in using my talents to help others, I decided to […]

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Why Volunteering for a Local Nonprofit is a Great Marketing Strategy

Last year, I started volunteering for the local chapter of a national organization called Heroes on the Water, which takes veterans and first responders and their families on free kayak fishing trips. Helping out that organization has reminded me of something that I already knew–getting involved in the leadership of local nonprofit organizations is a […]

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