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Small Business Marketing
Steve Gordon

How to Get More Referrals for Your Local Service Business

Most businesses will tell you that a majority of their new customers come by way of referral, but few have a systematic way of getting those referrals.  They simply either happen or they don’t, and businesses treat it as something that is outside their control. My guest for Episode 269 of the podcast, Steve Gordon, […]

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video camera

Business Lessons from the World’s Top Vloggers

This article was contributed by Jennifer Ollander. General entertainment and gaming vlogger, PewDiePie, brings millions of dollars every month on his YouTube channel, while prankster David Dobrik makes almost the same amount. They may not have an MBA or experience at a top financial consultancy firm, but top YouTube creators are making big bucks and […]

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Google Local Services

Everything You Need to Know About Google Local Services Ads

With Google Local Services Ads now available in most of the country–even in my tiny market of Christiansburg, VA–I thought it was about time I did a podcast episode explaining what these ads are, how they work, and why I think every eligible business needs to participate in the program right away. I highly recommend […]

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Brandon Vaughn

A Simple Method for Creating Business Systems

It’s no secret that developing good business systems is the best way to consistently deliver a quality product or service to customers.  It’s the basis of the franchise business model, and it has been said many, many, times in just about every book on small business management ever published.  So why is it that so […]

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Wine Tasting

What a Wine Tasting Tour Can Teach Us About Small Business Marketing

As a marketing professional, it is sometimes very difficult for me to remember how “regular” people shop for goods and services (by “regular people” I mean those who don’t have an insider’s understanding of things like reputation marketing, SEO, etc).  However, sometimes I get the chance to study the behavior of “regular” consumers when I […]

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Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action – Thirty Marketing Tips to Jump Start Your Business

Welcome to Spring Into Action, a series of 30 simple, affordable, and practical marketing tips to jump-start your local small business this year. This month-long series provides one tip a day for thirty days, all of which are available on the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast. The episode for each tip is just a few […]

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Marina Barayeva

Why You Must Use Professional Photographs to Market Your Local Business

When it comes to local business marketing, there is no shortage of examples of bad photography.  Whether it’s badly cropped LinkedIn profile pictures, blurry product photos, poorly lit pictures of a store, or stock photos that don’t even show anyone from the business at all, you don’t have to look at too many local business […]

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Podcast Logo

Your 2019 Small Business Marketing Forecast

Every year, at the beginning of the year I like to publish a “forecast” for small business marketing, covering trends and/or new technology that I think will affect the industry in the coming year. In my forecast, I focus on local businesses (i.e., businesses targeting customers in a small geographic area near their place of […]

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Brian Greenberg

Reputation Marketing for Local Businesses with Brian Greenberg

Most types of marketing (such as all forms of advertising, event marketing, direct mail, video marketing, etc.) are things that businesses can choose not to participate in if they don’t want to. The topic of Episode 233 of my podcast is a form of marketing that every business is already participating in whether they know […]

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Asset Protection for Small Businesses with Scott Smith

When it comes to having a well-run business, marketing is a very important part of the process but it isn’t the only part.  That’s why I occasionally like to invite guests on my podcast who are experts in other areas of business management, and that is the case with Episode 232 of the show. My […]

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