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The Benefits of Hosting a Small Business Event

The following is a guest post written by Matthew Long from Gigcentric.Com.  Enjoy!

Many small business owners assume that events are only for companies with a big budget. After all, pulling off an event takes time, money, and careful planning. However, any size business can hold an event that is sure to increase visibility and sales. An event can yield impressive results for a company, even if the budget of that event is quite tight. Small business owners should consider the advantages of events before ruling them out.

Events Allow Business Owners To Interact With Customers

Studies have shown that customers are far more likely to work with businesses they have a personal connection with.  When a business manages to make an emotional connection with potential customers, those customers will be more receptive to marketing, and more forgiving of price increases or other problems.

Even a small event will provide business owners with a chance to reach out and interact with a number of customers directly. Potential clients will no longer see the business as a faceless entity. Instead, they will see a real person they want to support.

Events Are Excellent Networking Opportunities

If a small business has the right contacts, a wide range of marketing opportunities will open up to them. On the flip side, a business might miss out on local events or cross-promotion opportunities if they don’t get to know other business owners in the area.

In addition, an event can be an excellent place for a company to grow its mailing list. Potential clients are more than happy to share their home address or e-mail address if it allows them to participate in a contest or enter a raffle. An event can give a small business the tools it needs to grow in the future.

A Small Business Event Can Boost SEO

If a business owner hosts an interesting event, they should be able to secure plenty of promotion for it. Local sites may do a brief write-up of the event and you can use social media to promote it and to get people talking.

All of these things can significantly improve a business’ SEO. When search engines see people talking about a business, they will take notice. Putting money into an event can give businesses the kind of SEO push that a lot of companies pay good money for.

An Event Can Drive Revenue

While a well-planned event will almost always provide businesses with a return on their investment, some events can provide a small business owner with an immediate source of cash flow. This is especially true of events that are held at retail stores.

If a bookstore owner hosts an event with a local author, they should immediately see book sales increase. If a clothing shop hosts a fashion party, plenty of people will come in and shop. Events are an excellent way to draw in foot traffic and can help make people more excited to shop.

Businesses that offer services can also make a profit off of events. For example, a contractor could allow event attendees to buy discounted coupons for future use. When planning an event, business owners should try to think about the various ways they can use the event to increase their revenue streams. Events can often be very profitable.

An event does not have to be big in order to get attention. A business owner can reap the benefits of events while barely spending money at all. Events can be more than big, splashy parties. They can be about boosting awareness, increasing engagement, or getting people more involved in the local community. No matter how big or small a business is, they should be able to find an event that will work for them.

About the Author

Matthew Long is a successful businessman and event specialist. He is co-founder and CEO of  Gigcentric.Com, a company that provides professionals with event planning software designed to help run and grow their business.

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