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August 2016 Small Business Marketing Update

In an effort to keep my business contacts up to date on the latest developments in the world of small business marketing, I send out a newsletter every month featuring tips, news stories, and updates about my business.  This is the online version of the newsletter for August of 2016.

How to Become the #1 Provider in Your Area (and Why You Should)

In my latest monthly column for the Duct Tape Marketing blog, I discussed how you can use online ratings and reviews to create powerful social proof for your business.  Click here to read the article.

Google Business Listing Robocalls Are Now the #1 Phone Scam in America

According to a recent article by USA Today, the #1 phone scam in the US in 2016 is Google business listing robocalls.  Those are the calls that you get from companies pretending to be Google trying to sell you fake SEO services.  Don’t fall for these scams!  Click here to learn how to protect yourself.

What Small Business Owners Can Learn From Donald Trump

There’s a lot of things business owners can learn by watching Donald Trump–for example, how to sue your customers, how to avoid paying vendors that have completed work for your company, and how to scam gullible investors out of lots of money by setting up a fake university.  However, one lesson in particular applies to small business marketing, and specifically small business email marketing.  Listen to my podcast episode about Trump’s email marketing mistakes and how you can avoid making them in your business.

Marketing News for August 2016

Here’s some of the news making headlines in the world of small business marketing as we head into the first week of August:


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