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About Redpoint Marketing Consultants

Kevin JordanI started Redpoint Marketing Consultants in the spring of 2012 with the purpose of using the marketing techniques I had learned running a successful ecommerce business to help local business owners. My plan was to help businesses set up lead capture systems and assist them with web development, mobile marketing, email marketing, and other elements of on-line marketing. However, as I started working with clients, I noticed some big problems. For example, I noticed:

  • Businesses had no system or methodology for following up and selling leads that I captured for them
  • Most businesses had no clear way of distinguishing themselves from their competition, and as a result ended up trying to compete on price alone.
  • Most businesses were doing a terrible job of tracking their return on investment from advertising, and thus were wasting significant amounts of money on expensive advertising that wasn’t really getting them any business.
  • Business owners had a hard time committing to any one set of marketing tactics, and would quickly get distracted by the “next thing” that came along.

All of these problems could be summed up by one statement: most of the businesses I observed had no marketing strategy or plan whatsoever. This was making my job very difficult, because no matter how well I did helping a business set up a marketing tactic, it wasn’t going to produce good results for them without a strategy behind it. That’s when I discovered Duct Tape Marketing.

As soon as I saw the Duct Tape Marketing System, I realized that it was exactly what my clients needed to help them take full advantage of my services. Not only does it teach a business owner how to create a marketing strategy that helps them get more of their ideal clients or customers, it also teaches them the right ways to do advertising, lead generation, and sales. I began using the system in my own business immediately to great effect, and quickly decided that I would build my business around it.

I now use the Duct Tape Marketing System with every client that I work with. You can read about some of the results I have achieved for them by reviewing my case studies, or you can watch some of the video interviews below to hear my clients speak in their own words about how the Duct Tape Marketing process has helped them grow.

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