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5 Common YouTube Mistakes

As video marketing becomes more and more prevalent, many business owners are uploading videos to YouTube and using them to help educate their customers and generate know, like, and trust.  This is a very good thing, but it also means there are a lot of YouTube newbies out there who are making some mistakes that drastically reduce the effectiveness of their efforts.  The good news is, these mistakes are easy to correct without much extra effort.  Without further ado, here’s 5 common YouTube mistakes and how to correct them.

  1. Not setting up a YouTube channel: In order to properly brand yourself on YouTube, you need to set up a channel.  This is a pretty easy process and just takes about 10-15 minutes, and once it’s done, it’s done.  It involves things like uploading a header image for your channel (plenty of folks on fiver.com will help you create that), writing a few words about your business in the “about us” section, and adding tags related to your industry.
  2. Not adding an associated website: after you set up your YouTube channel, you’ll need to add an associated website (your website).   This way, you can add links to your website in your actual YouTube videos using annotations (i.e., people can click somewhere in the actual video and go to your website).
  3. Not using a call-to-action in your videos: At the end of every video, you need to tell your viewers what you want them to do.  Do you want them to visit your website, register for a webinar, download a free report, subscribe to your YouTube channel, call you….?  Don’t assume that people will know what you want them to do.  If someone made it all the way to the end of your video, that means they’re interested.  Tell them how they can take the next step and learn more about you!
  4. Not using annotations: Annotations are “notes” that you can add to a video once it’s uploaded to YouTube.  They can be links to other related videos, links to your YouTube channel, or prompts to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  Use annotations to get people to stay engaged with your brand longer and even capture them as a lead.
  5. Not using default upload settings: You can set up default upload settings so that every time you upload a video to YouTube, it already has a link to your website in the description box (very important for SEO), tags related to your industry (add 15-20 tags), and a brief description about your business in the description box (something generic enough that it could apply to any video).  Of course you can change these for individual videos, but if you’re short on time (and let’s face it, if you own a small business, you are), you can just use the default settings.

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If you make sure not to make any of the above mistakes, you’ll be getting a lot more out of time you’re already devoting to using YouTube videos to market your business.