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Kevin Jordan

In a marketing industry with no universally recognized standards or professional certification, very few marketing consultants have the credentials, awards and experience to deserve to run your entire marketing program. Instead of only handling one tactic or another, I manage your entire marketing system and grow your business predictably and affordably, following the proven Duct Tape Marketing System. 

Just look at my case studies and you’ll start to understand the experience you’ll have working with me and the results we’ll achieve. No more hassling with failing vendors or managing a dozen service providers that take up your time and give you conflicting advice. Get back to running your business and start growing with us today!

Case Studies

"​If you're looking to take your business to the next level while still being able to focus on your business, Redpoint will be your answer...”

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study overview.

"RMC ​helped us create a consistent marketing message across all channels, supported by relevant content...”

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study overview.

"Kevin is very knowledgeable, creative and honest with fair pricing. What more can a small business owner ask?...”

See video and case
study overview.

Read a couple of our case studies and you will get a great idea of how we work,
who we work with and the kind of results we get for our clients.

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About Us

​Redpoint Marketing Consultants is a marketing agency focused specifically on the needs of local service-based businesses. 

​We help these businesses use the world-famous Duct Tape Marketing System, a simple, affordable and practical approach to marketing that ensures ​steady and reliable growth.

​While we offer the same tactical-level services as many other marketing agencies, including website design, social media marketing, email marketing, video production, graphic design, and direct mail marketing, it is ​the way that we package and deliver these services that sets us apart.

You see, we recognize that no ​​​marketing tactic will be effective unless it is narrowly targeted at a clearly defined ideal client, with messaging that speaks directly to that client and addresses their specific needs.  

​That's why we focus on developing a rock-solid marketing strategy for our clients before jumping head-first into tactical campaigns that are all too often based on gut instincts rather than hard data.  Our strategy-first approach greatly reduces marketing costs for small businesses on a tight budget and allows them to successfully compete with much larger companies.

​​If that sounds like the approach you'd like to take to marketing your business, get started by scheduleing a 10-minute introductory call.  

​Need to learn more first?  Check out our library of free e-books about the Duct Tape Marketing system and a variety of other marketing topics.  

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Marketing Book of the Year award from
Small Business Trends for 2016.

Heroes on the Water LogoRedpoint Marketing Consultants Supports Heroes on the Water

RMC is proud to support the Roanoke Valley Chapter of Heroes on the Water, a nonprofit organization that takes veterans and first responders on free kayak fishing outings as a form of ecotherapy to help treat PTSD and aid in the recovery from physical wounds suffered during their service. 

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